Staking Earn Point & ETH

RunesBridge Point

  • RunesBridge Points are a tool to calculate and distribute benefits to RB token holders

  • RunesBridge Points can only be earned by participating in Staking

  • RunesBridge Points holders will receive rewards every Epoch and be allocated slots in Launchpads

Staking Earn Point & ETH

  • Epoch: 7 days

  • Reward/Epoch: 5-10 ETH (from 20% transaction tax)

  • RunesBridge Points are fixedly allocated 20 Points/block (1,008,000 Points/epoch)

  • All RunesBridge Points will be accumulated, the more you own, the greater the benefits

  • When stake, it will be locked for 7 days (1 epoch), additional stakes will reset the timer

  • You can claim rewards at any time without affecting the lock timer

  • Rewards will be distributed at the end of each epoch

  • Unstake will still reserve Points

Staking for Launchpad

A great benefit for RunesBridge Point owners is being allocated a slot in Launchpad.

Launchpad will record RunesBridge Point ownership at a pre-specified epoch, accordingly to allocate Launchpad participation slots.

More details will be presented when Launchpad launches.

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