Runes <--> EVM

Bridge Mechanism between Runes and EVM

1. Runes => EVM

  • Deposit: RunesBridge provides users with a specific wallet address to deposit their Runes. Users can send their Runes to this address, and RunesBridge will verify the transaction.

  • Runes Lock: The Runes deposited by users into RunesBridge are securely locked, ensuring their safety during the bridging process.

  • Token Unlock: Upon verification, RunesBridge proceeds to unlock tokens on the blockchain provided by the user (EVM) and sends them to the wallet provided by the user.

2. EVM => Runes

Conversely, when users wish to transfer their EVM-based Runes to the Runes standard on the Bitcoin network:

  • Lock Tokens: Tokens held on the EVM are locked, Making sure that nobody can touch them.

  • Unlocking Runes: Simultaneously, an equivalent amount of Runes on the Bitcoin network is unlocked, ensuring a one-to-one exchange ratio between the two networks.

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