Runes <--> BRC-20

The seamless bridging process between BRC-20 and Runes occurs directly on the Bitcoin Network, ensuring both safety and speed of transactions. This mechanism offers Bitcoin ecosystem users, especially BRC-20 standard token holders, the earliest opportunity to engage with the Runes Protocol.

Whether transferring assets from Runes to BRC-20 or vice versa, the bridge mechanism follows the same process:

BRC-20 => Runes

  • Deposit: Users deposit their BRC20 standard tokens into the wallet provided by RunesBridge. This transaction undergoes authentication to ensure its validity.

  • Locking BRC20: Upon deposit, the assets and tokens transferred to the wallet are securely locked, safeguarding them during the bridging process.

  • Unlock and receive Runes: The user will receive Runes after the block confirmation in the Bitcoin network (3 confirmations)

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